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Would You Use a Fortune Teller to Help Guide Your Finances?

With so much uncertainty in the world right now, especially in terms of the economic situation, many people are looking for guidance with their finances. While many consumers are turning to financial planners and advisers [3] for suggestions, there are those who are also seeking supplementary guidance.

“Though most fortune tellers are not qualified to give financial advice, a reading can be a good complementary service to those of a financial planner or accountant,” Alexandra Chauran says. Chauran is a certified counselor and a fortune teller, and the owner of EarthShod.com [4]. “Often, a reading can help one discover additional sources of income or reasons to be cautious, or can confirm financial choices.”

Since the recession following the financial crisis, Chauran has seen an increase in business. “I have seen an increase in clientele in these uncertain economic times. Most of my clients are usually working at good jobs, and first visit a fortune teller when things go awry. Once they first visit a fortune teller, they are more likely to be open-minded about using for more regular advice.”

Chauran points out that a little extra guidance can help consumers feel their way forward, whether they are looking to sell a home [5] or change careers: “One can discover potential financial losses or windfalls before they occur and confirm major financial decisions after making them with a qualified financial adviser. A fortune teller can help people feel empowered to create their own financial destiny.”

What’s Ahead for Your Finances?

Rather than do a personal reading for me, Chauran offered to consider the issues that might be coming up for many consumers in the year ahead. “Since the future is written in sand, not stone, most fortune telling techniques give advice for goals of financial success, rather than pinpointing the future,” she warns.

Using tarot cards, Chauran suggests that now is a time to find emotional control in finances, since there is an indication that consumers need to find their own stillness with the current lack of stability. Along with the Queen of Cups, Chauran explains that an inverted Queen of Wands has been drawn. “This encourages consumers to look where they’re going, watch what they’re doing, and be in control at all times, even if some financial decisions may seem cold and cruel.”

Right now, it’s about making the right decisions for you [6] — no matter how heartless it might seem at the time.

What about a More Personal Reading?

To be honest, I was curious about having my own personal reading. So I went to a local psychic involved in numerology and tarot. I didn’t mention that I was specifically interested in finances, nor did I provide any information about myself beyond my first name (my last name never came up) and my birthdate. The first card I turned over, she told me, related to my career.

Several cards later, and after being told that I was feeling a little uncertain about my career and feeling burned out, and after she explained that I can trust my business partner completely (hey-oh, Tom Drake!), I was starting to feel a little wigged out. The feeling continued after she turned over another card, pronounced it for my husband, and told me casually that he would have opportunities presented to him on his business trip next month. It was weirdly specific and accurate. (Thankfully, the weirded-out feeling subsided after moving on to more general items and some really off-base specific things.)

In the end, I decided that Chauran is right: For those who want a little extra confidence in their financial decisions, a trip to the fortune teller can help them feel better about the situation. However, for those who are more skeptical, it’s more an exercise in entertainment.

I didn’t learn anything new about myself, and I didn’t receive any particularly helpful financial advice. But, since it was my first tarot reading, I found it interesting. And, I have to admit, I’m kind of tempted to find a different psychic and get another reading — just to see how the two readings jibe with each other.

What do you think? Does it surprise you to learn that more people are turning to fortune tellers for financial guidance? Would you consider using a fortune teller for money help?

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