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Four Best for FMF’s March Madness

FMF is running his annual March Madness battle of the personal finance posts [3] and has started requesting posts, I’ve decided to scour the archives to find four posts I’ve written over the last two years as my entrants. I’ll list the four below as well as a blurb about why they’re the best, let me know if you think one should be chucked and another added in its stead! Thanks!

I Hate U-Haul Truck Rental (And So Does Everyone Else) [4]
This is one of my most commented posts and it’s about how badly UHaul tried to screw us on a move from NJ to MD a few years ago. With over 80 comments, this is basically a big bashfest on UHaul, how dangerous their trucks are and how poorly they do business. If you want to read the most vitriolic of comments (luckily not against me), this is the place to go.

How To Invest With Only $100 [5]
I was turning up the creativity bone on this particular post where I recommend ways someone with $100 could increase that to over a $1000 by taking advantage of referral bonuses from banks like ING and Bank of America and signup bonuses from Sharebuilder and the like. It was picked up by Lifehacker and quite popular with readers.

Understanding Your Financial Fortress [6]
A fun post chock full of pictures in which I draw the analogy of your personal finances into that of a financial fortress, complete with a moat, high tower, and castle walls. It’s a unique way of looking at your finances and hopefully one in that resonates with anyone regardless of their financial situation.

25 Steps To A Wildly Successful Personal Finance Blog [7]
A popular one with the ladies was this one post in which I outlined some steps a personal finance blogger should take if they want a “wildly successful” blog. Not everyone who follows ever step will reach wild success but many have said they’ve found this list very helpful and I’m very glad that I wrote it well enough to be of some assistance. The list itself is actually 29 items, the extra four coming as ideas after I hit publish!

So, anyone want to recommend a replacement?