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Free 1-Year Identity Guard for Upromise Members

If you’re a member of Upromise (it’s free to sign up), you get a free 1 year Good Start level membership to Identity Guard (details [3]). Good Start is the first level of credit monitoring and it includes monitoring of your Equifax report, email alerts of any changes, and toll-free customer support. It’s not really all that great but it is free (you can get a six month trial by going to the site normally, so Upromise members get an additional six months). You have to cancel after the year or they automatically bill you. By comparison, their Level 4 Total Protection offers significantly more services (including the monitoring of illegal posting and trading of your credit card numbers because they monitor the black market, something I thought was pretty cool) but also costs $159/year.

Even though this particular perk isn’t that great, I think Upromise is a great “set it and forget it” service. I attached my grocery store’s loyalty card, some of my credit cards, and occasionally get free money for buying stuff I didn’t know I’d get free money for (thus it’s truly free!). I don’t look at the balance often but I’ve got a few dollars stored away in there.