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Amazon StudentA few years ago, when Amazon first debuted their Amazon Prime program, I thought it was never going to take off. While I don’t know how many people have signed up, I’ve only tried it a few times and I still don’t get why someone would pay $79 for two day shipping when it’s free for 3-9 day shipping. There are very few things I absolutely must have within two days and, if there are, I can go to the local store to get them. However, having tried Amazon Prime on trial on several occasions, I agree that it’s a nice perk to have. I just can’t see myself paying $79 a year for it.

Fortunately, if you’re a student with a .edu email address, you can join Amazon Student. Amazon Student is a free program that gives you Amazon Prime for free for a year.

To sign up, you need to be enrolled in a college or university and have a valid .edu email address. In the signup process you have to give them your .edu address, your school, major, and class information to confirm your eligibility but otherwise you can use your normal account.

Unfortunately, alumni email addresses do not work. I tried my Carnegie Mellon alumni email address and Amazon said:

Please complete all fields and re-submit your information.
Please use a current .edu e-mail address. Alumni addresses are not eligible.

Here is the full FAQ for more details.


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29 Responses to “Free Amazon Prime for Students”

  1. cubiclegeoff says:

    Until I clicked to see the full post, I had high hopes that an alumni address would work. Oh well.

    • saladdin says:

      Friends/family invites work. You have someone with edu address that will send you an invite? That’s how I got mine. Signed up GF and sent myself invite. It runs the same year as her free Prime.


  2. cubiclegeoff says:

    Although, if you work for a school, you get the .edu address and could use that possibly. Not sure how Amazon would verify everyone’s status.

  3. saladdin says:

    From following the SD and FW threads:

    Alumni emails don’t work.

    If your school moved to gmail then no worky for you.

    The “Austrailian” edu adresses are hit and miss for those that already have an email but are no go if you sign up now.

    Amazon can ask for proof of being a student. Go at own risk.

    The friends/family invites do work for this.

    You get pro-rated Prime dues back if you sign up.


  4. poscogrubb says:

    Exactly how do they tell what is an alumni address? As far as I know, my alma mater gave me free email forwarding for life on my original student .edu address.

    I guess I should try it, though I also do not see the big advantage of Amazon Prime.

    • saladdin says:

      Most alumni emails have the word alumni in it, such has

      There are 1400 posts at SD thanking the OP and begging for invites. If you don’t see the advantage of this then you are the only one on the internet. You may want to check if your bargaineering bone is broken.


      • Jim says:

        That’s a great university by the way, I’m honored to call you an alumni of our prestigious program. 🙂

      • poscogrubb says:

        I just said that my university gave me my original student address for lifetime forwarding. Obviously, my original student address did not have the word “alumni” in it.

        I’m the only one who doesn’t see the benefit? My unbroken bargaineering bone says I have NEVER used an Amazon shipping option that cost more than the free Super Saver option.

        • saladdin says:

          Consider yourself lucky. My dryer went out 3 weeks ago. Amazon had the part I needed, cheap. The $5 part was making me go the local laundry mat during summer days in Tennnessee. Not cool at all. There are times when you need a product fast and even with the extra shipping the cost is less then local.

          With this deal you can get 2 day shipping free. Why keep using the longer shipping when you can get it for free?

          I overlooked the “lifetime forwarding” part. That’s the hangup I’ve read about also. I read that Amazon has some filter on those that automatic filter. I don’t know how they do it but that’s what I read more then once.


      • Leah says:

        quoting saladdin, “There are 1400 posts at SD thanking the OP and begging for invites. If you don’t see the advantage of this then you are the only one on the internet. You may want to check if your bargaineering bone is broken.”

        what do SD and OP stand for?

  5. Scottix says:

    Going through college handing out a student perk seems like a good deal. Problem I have with this is after the year of pro-rated service you begin to start paying for it. Like you said if you really need something just go to the store and get it. Its a way to get you hooked in my opinion and then forget about it.

    • saladdin says:

      Does anyone ever actually read the terms?
      It is for a year. It is not prorated.

      It seems I have found the only 2 people on the internet who do not order online during black friday and christmas. This deal could be worth hundreds of dollars annual on shipping once you consider the free shipping and the ability to upgrade shipping for a few bucks.


      • Scottix says:

        Yes, it does say it will not be renewed. The wording is still a little slippery and they have the right to change the terms without notice. All I am saying is just be wary. Students are the biggest targets, because they are more of a risk taker.

  6. thunderthighs says:

    Wonderful, thanks.

  7. Cuban Music says:

    Wow, I am glad I heard about this. I’ve always wanted to try Prime out, and now I can (for free!) This will save me a lot of money, since I use Amazon a lot.

  8. BrianC says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I just signed up for a free trial month of Amazon Prime a few days ago. If it turns out to be useful I’ll give my staff .edu address a try.

  9. Martha says:

    I just signed up for a free month w/out my student email – now I’ll just wait for it to expire and then start my free year trial! Thanks for the info Jim!

  10. I’m an Amazon junkie too and like you, see little benefit to paying $79 for free shipping when Amazon has a healthy, low $25 minimum purchase.

    I’m thinking the trick with the edu addresses is the IP. All students emailing from within the school have an IP located there…don’t they?

    • Scottix says:

      No doesn’t really work like that. My example ASU uses Gmail services. So all my email came from Google, but I had an address. If they feel like someone is abusing the system they say they can request for further information.

  11. Al says:

    Signed up for this and its great! Just ordered an 8 pack of CFL light bulbs for $6.99 and got the 2-day shipping free.

    Its true that its not a big deal when 3-9 day is free but remember most of the time you have to hit a $25 minimum purchase.

    This is great for smaller items or single book orders.

  12. My name is Mike, and I am an Amazon junkie. But I don’t see myself ever paying $79 for the service either. The $25 minimum is actually pretty easy to hit. I guess if they did away with free shipping for orders over $25 it might be worthwhile.

  13. CreditShout says:

    Thanks for the hint! I can’t wait to try this!

  14. Brittany says:

    Does anybody know when this ends? I’d like to wait until I make my next Amazon order to do it so I can stretch out my year of Prime as much as possible. Thanks!

  15. eric says:

    I definitely told my sister to jump on this! Plus you can add family members to the Prime account. Score!

  16. anon says:

    Does anyone know how to actually use it? I mean I signed up for it(amazon student). But now when I order, I have shipping charges added. Wondering if there is a code or something to get the free shipping.

    • Nana says:

      Did you verify your .edu address? After I signed up, everything automatically updated to Prime rates, and even the little Amazon logo changed to Amazon Prime.

  17. Anon says:

    @Nana, yeh I did verify my .edu address. I graduated in Dec last year but still have my active .edu id which I used to sign up. dnt knw if they have some way to track if its alumini and not activate for those ids.

  18. BreeAnna McManus says:

    I have an “Extra” .edu email address.. (go to one university full time regularly, and a community college during the summer)

    If you want to make me an offer to use it..
    let me know at

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