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Free Copy of The Automatic Millionaire

This offer has ended.

After hemming and hawwing for a while, debating whether or not to call American Century Investments [3] (details on the offer courtesy of MyMoneyBlog [4], a great site if you’ve never read it) to “request information” and basically get a copy of The Automatic Millionaire [3] by David Bach – I actually called them up.

Details of the offer from American Century’s website are available here. Basically you call up 1-800-826-8323, ask for some retirement info and specifically ask for the book. They’ll want your address (no phone number), whether you want to open an account (No), where you heard of the offer (their website, this website, MyMoneyBlog, whatever), and in about a minute you’re done. I was told to expect the book in 8 – 10 days but all accounts indicate it’s definitely going to show up. I look forward to being the last person on the planet to read it.

Update: The offer expired. 🙁