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Free Personal Finance eBook from The Simple Dollar

A few years ago, Trent of The Simple Dollar wrote a post in which he boiled down all the salient points of personal finance onto five business cards. Well this week he converted those five business cards to a page and then fleshed it out with an 49-page eBook behind it… all of which are absolutely free.

The book focuses on five core ideas: Spend less than you earn, earn more, live frugal, manage your money, and control your own destiny. Then, through a mix of original content and posts previously published on his site, Trent gives you concrete applicable ideas with those core ideas in mind. The largest section is the frugality section, where he lists 100 tips previously seen on his site.

Is it worth downloading? It’s free, it’s hard to argue with that! I think it’s best for people who haven’t been following The Simple Dollar and want to get a distillation of the last few years. You’ll get a sense of Trent and a clear idea of what his site is about and whether it’s for you. For those who are familiar, it’s a very convenient package that Trent himself has put together, so you know it contains on the best of what he’s about.

Click to download The Simple Dollar’s Everything You Ever Really Needed to Know About Personal Finance On Just One Page [3] or visit this page [4] to get the latest information about it (and ensure you get the newest version).