Free Redbox DVD Rentals

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This site lists the most updated Redbox free rental promo codes.

Latest Codes (3/28) – Remember to use a different credit card and you can use codes several times:

  • SDSJK47
  • REDBOX (new customers only)
  • DVDATWAG (Walgreens RedBox’s only)

Until tonight I’ve never had a chance to check out the Redbox DVD Rental service, those red DVD vending machines found in some MacDonald’s franchise locations and even some grocery stores. Its basically a vending machine for DVD movies, you select one from an easy to navigate touch screen, put in your credit card and out comes a movie. The rentals are $1+tax each day and if you keep a movie for more than 25 days, you keep it forever. It’s a pretty slick system with a nice touch screen interface that’s really easy to use (huge touch screen buttons) and it vends out a simple white plastic case with only the DVD inside (with a special bar code).

How does Redbox compare to Netflix? I think it’s better. With each of those you pay a monthly subscription fee, send in your movies (or with Blockbuster you can swap them at a retail location), and watch a limited number of movies a week. With Redbox, you pay $1 each night. You want 15 movies? $15. You want 1? $1. The only weakness is in selection and how unpredictable that can be but for the price, I’m willing to accept that. Plus, as you’ll see in a minute, with promotion codes I’ve never paid for a movie (except when I was late returning it, which cost me a whole dollar!) rental.

One thing to remember is that you can only use one code per credit card, so you can use DVDONME as many times as you have credit cards. I would also recommend writing down all the codes in the event that one of them isn’t active in your geographic region.

Let me know if you know of any codes or if one of the ones listed above is invalid. Here is a list of their locations and a Redbox finder.

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104 Responses to “Free Redbox DVD Rentals”

  1. Tyler Durden says:

    By the way, there are a couple programs online that copy movies. Most computers these days come with a dvd burner and Nero Burning software and will burn a DVD. After you rent a redbox DVD for free using the codes you can copy it on your computer then burn it to Disc. Discs cost less than 40 cents at wal mart which means you can have every movie you want for around 40 cents a piece. Software I would reccommend for copying, 1. DVD Shrink 2. DVD Decrpter 3. DVD Fab Platinum

    If you get encryption errors install DVD43 or ANYDVD. you can get them both free online

    Good Luck
    Tyler Durden

  2. MAN says:

    remeber guys, leave some codes…. I got r748vm7 & 7fb1xz1 recently. hope they work 4 u…

  3. eli says:

    Your card gets charged 1$ , but they give it back, even when i dont use a code. i always see that im charged TWICE for the movie, but then like magic the 1 $ charge gets put back. ..somehow.

  4. REDBOX USER says:

    PRESIDENT is a promo code that worked for me! try it, who doesn’t want a free movie?

  5. crazy says:

    march promo code “MARCH” not too creative redbox guys…..

  6. Daniel says:
    That is the website to get the promo codes…. here is a preview….

    THANKU 96% 03/18/08 (Tue) Free DVD Rental
    BEEMOVIE 96% 03/18/08 (Tue) Free DVD Rental
    DVDONME 93% 03/18/08 (Tue) Free DVD Rental
    BREAKROOM 92% 03/18/08 (Tue) Free DVD Rental
    MISSYOU 89% 03/18/08 (Tue) Free DVD Rental
    MISSU 50% 03/18/08 (Tue) Free DVD Rental
    SPRING 33% 03/18/08 (Tue) Free DVD Rental
    92X7WF 94% 03/17/08 (Mon) Free DVD Rental
    REDBOX 79% 03/17/08 (Mon) Free DVD Rental
    MARCH 72% 03/17/08 (Mon) Free DVD Rental
    SHOP 71% 03/17/08 (Mon) Free DVD Rental
    54TRX3 69% 03/17/08 (Mon) Free DVD Rental
    GEAGLE26 53% 03/17/08 (Mon) Free DVD Rental
    DVDON ME 50% 03/17/08 (Mon) Free DVD Rental
    DETROIT 50% 03/17/08 (Mon) Free DVD Rental
    COINSTAR 78% 03/16/08 (Sun) Free DVD Rental
    MCDVD120 69% 03/16/08 (Sun) Free DVD Rental
    26LBYS 66% 03/16/08 (Sun) Free DVD Rental
    KARNS17 63% 03/16/08 (Sun) Free DVD Rental
    THANKS 61% 03/16/08 (Sun) Free DVD Rental
    FOF208 64% 03/15/08 (Sat) Free DVD Rental
    WALGREENS 58% 03/15/08 (Sat) Free DVD Rental

  7. Bethany says:

    I got these codes cause my dvd’s were scratched

  8. Julian says:

    Breakroom is a new code

  9. andy says:

    Hi, I got a promotion code here.

  10. Blakstarr says:

    try free rental as a code

  11. Tyler Saum says:

    Sign up for text from Free Monday!!!!

  12. Jennifer says:

    Here’s Two I used today:

    Please send me new ones.

  13. AtranK2 says:

    I got this one today:


  14. mama8mean says:

    In the last week 9/1 – 9/9 I have used dvdonme,breakroom,KNV5QNZ,and RJ3X3VW. Woking just fine at Walgreens and Mcdonalds in TX. Hope they work for you : )

  15. WenfromGA says:

    Hi…thanks for the codes… I have also used DVDONME as recent as 10/16/09 and works fine. Also code for this month is QNGJ7KD. Keep sharing everyone.. I LOVE REDBOX!!

  16. Kacie says:

    BREAKROOM is also one.

  17. nikko says:

    I am a redbox fan and I never knew about these codes. Please send me codes to get free dvds. I love redbox.

  18. nikko says:

    How does the codes thing works?

  19. Mike Smeltz says:

    NCC News is a code

  20. jenny says:

    Ilove the idea to use the codes i just discover them i rent movies like no joke so send me more codes! LOL

  21. lizza says:

    I received the code “Breakroom ” twice in Austin Texas for a free rental. I used my debit card twice as well with no issue

  22. mary says:


  23. Sdlenter says:

    All of these work like a charm

  24. rachel says:

    the code sdsjk47 dont work in arkansas but the rest do

  25. rachel says:

    breakroom dvdatwag dvdonme breakroom are still good codes thank you redbox and thanks to all fans who share

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