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Free Summer Movies for Kids (2012)

For a summer of college, I lived in New York City while I interned at a technology startup called Webmind (formerly Intelligenesis, Wired correctly predicted a dim future [3]) and was amazed when movies at the movie theater near Union Station were over ten bucks (this is back when “regular” theaters had movies for around $7 and matinees for only $5-6). Expensive was relative since, in looking back, $5-6 for two hours of entertainment was pretty good even back then.

So I can’t imagine what it’s like for parents of kids because going to the movies, even before you talk about snacks, gets to be ridiculously expensive. Fortunately, if you’re a parent with kids home for the summer break, a lot of movie theaters actually have kid friendly summer movie programs. The programs offer free family friend G or PG rated movies during the day, usually starting in the morning, absolutely free for the kids and a few bucks for the parents. In all cases, it’s first come first served.

Last but not least, Showcase Cinemas [19] has a summer reading program where kids get to see a free movie every Wednesday morning at 10Am from July 11 – August 8 if they read a book and provide a book report.

Check out your local community center or library, they usually have free summer movie programs as well!

Does your local movie theater offer a free movie program for kids? Let me know and I’ll add it to the list!