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Free Tax Advice in Second Life

Since doing your taxes in real life is so much fun, it makes sense that H&R Block would setup shop in the online world of Second Life. I mean, presidential candidate John Edwards set up shop in Second Life and that worked out so well [3]! I should temper my skepticism because Second Life is quite popular (it has to be for a reason) and I’ve never played Second Life so I should scoff that which I’ve never tried before. I just think its commercialism is too transparent and the fact that it’s turning out to be all the rage for companies to build up a virtual presence there in order to market their products.

Now, what do you get if you visit H&R Block in Second Life? You can get free tax advice when you’re filling out your taxes in real life. So, if you have an account and want to hit up the H&R Block Island, type in “HR Block” in the map system. If you have Second Life and have visited, please let me know what you think.