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Looking for Freebies? Start Here

The most frugal way to go is to get something for free. Indeed, you might be surprised at the freebies available around the Internet, and around your town. It’s possible to find things for free just about anywhere you look — as long as you are looking hard enough.

If you are trying to find freebies so that you can save a little money, here are some places to look:

Around Town

If you are looking for freebies around town, you can usually find something if you keep your eyes and ears open. Look for grand openings. In many cases, a grand opening celebration will include free giveaways and drawings, and even offer free food. Additionally, be on the look out for other special promotions and events. You are likely to find plenty of freebies.

If you are looking for free food [3], there are numerous options. You might not be able to eat free, but many restaurants have kids eat free options. Find out what day of the week your kids can eat free and head over on those days. You can also usually get a free dessert on your birthday, or even a free meal. Sign up for the “birthday club” or equivalent at your favorite restaurant.

Many stores offer free samples of food as you shop. It’s great for a free snack. My husband’s cousin used to offer samples in a warehouse store. He said that there were some people who appeared predictably and had one of their meals each day in free samples. You can also find free food at club events, and often church or community events.

Don’t forget, too, that you can often find free samples in department stores [4]. Many department stores offer free makeup samples, lotion samples, perfume samples, and other health and beauty care samples. Hair salons might give away small samples of product, or you might be able obtain find free samples of medications from your doctor. I once received a free sample of one month’s worth of a regular prescription from my doctor.

Freebies Online

Of course, one of the best places to go if you want freebies is the Internet. You can listen to music for free by frequenting sites like Pandora. Additionally, there are free ebooks available for download. I downloaded Jane Austen’s entire canon to my Kindle [5], along with several other classics, for free. Look for free books compatible with your ereader; Amazon isn’t the only place to find free books.

There are also numerous web sites that offer you the chance to order free samples and other freebies. If you are looking for freebies and free samples, here are some sites to visit:

You can also do an Internet search, looking for freebies. Additionally, many retail web sites have sections where you can sign up for free samples.

(Photo: Steve Rhodes [12])