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Frontline: The Retirement Gamble

Frontline is a great program, I’m a big fan of their work, and a recent show focused on something that often graces the pages of personal finance blogs – retirement. It’s separated into five chapters:

  1. The Retirement Crisis – A 9:51 minute look into whether the system is working.
  2. “It Used To Be Much Easier” – 11:37 minutes reviewing how much simpler it was with pensions.
  3. “The Tyranny” of Fees – 13:21 minutes with John Bogle of Vanguard fame
  4. Are Index Funds the Answer? – 6:02 minutes looking at index funds
  5. Advisers or Salesman? – 13:26 minutes looking at financial planners

This isn’t a “behind the scenes” expose like the ones I really like (The Choice 2008 [3] was fantastic, as was Bush’s War [4]) but instead is more like a “here’s what retirement investing is like today” that anyone can watch and understand. If you read a lot of personal finance blogs and keep yourself regularly informed about this subject, you won’t hear anything new.

If you, or someone you know, don’t keep that up to date on things or just need a refresher, this is perfect for you. You’ll leave understanding the landscape today and the biggest topics facing retirement investing today – fees, index funds, and the reality of financial advisers.

Here’s the 53:41 minute program in all its glory:

Watch The Retirement Gamble [5] on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE. [6]