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Frontline: The Choice 2008

Frontline [3] is a part of PBS and an example of phenomenal investigative journalism. If you haven’t seen any of their shows before, you should check them out when you have a chance. I’ve seen numerous shows and the recent ones that really stand out are (you could spend days watching their stuff):

Frontline: The Choice 2008

However, today I wanted to highlight one particular episode: The Choice 2008 [8], aired Oct 14th, 2008. It follows the political growth of both candidates from the very beginning and gives a very balanced perspective on both. It’s non-partisan, takes no sides, and merely presents the facts as they’ve learned them. I recommend watching the full program, rather than the individual pieces on either candidate, because it tracks both men chronologically; showing what each did during the same time period.

Some things I took away from the show were how much planning and politicking goes on. Barack Obama had a two year plan to position himself such that his political peak would occur for this election. Barack Obama leveraged his opposition to the war, which was aided by the fact that he wasn’t in Congress when it was voted on, as much as possible. John McCain absolutely hated President Bush following the 2000 election in which Karl Rove, spreading lies about McCain possibly fathering a half-black baby out of wed-lock, absolutely destroyed him in the Republican Presidential primaries. McCain, who had then alienated the Republican’s conservative base, decided he had to align himself with Bush, despite hating him, to regain that base. That’s part of the reason why he now faces charges that he’s just like President Bush (voting with him 90% of the time).

It’s good stuff, definitely something you should watch before November 4th.