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Frugal Date Idea: Fun Recipes & Board Games

Kim Palmer of US News & World Report’s Alpha Consumer [3] asked people for their best frugal date ideas and here was my submission:

Our frugal date consists of finding a fun and creative recipe online and then cooking it for dinner. We’ve discovered many great recipes this way, and we’ve improved our ability to cook and improvise. This takes the frugal idea of cooking your own meals, rather that eating out at restaurants, and combines it with a frugal way of entertaining yourself (since the entertainment of cooking and company is essentially free). Then, after the cooking and enjoyment of the wonderful food you’ve created, follow it up with a fun night of board games or card games. A deck of cards isn’t more than a dollar, and there are thousands of games you can play!

Turns out it was chosen as one of the top three and she’s asking for votes for the best! Canadian Dream’s [4] idea of just hanging out at a bookstore is one that my wife and I have done in the past – it’s a great way to check out a bunch of books and have a quiet reading night.

Anyway, if you have a free moment and want to see some cute frugal date ideas [3], head on over and submit a vote.

(Photo: greencolander [5])