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Frugal Summer Fun Ideas

I do not know how it is where you live right now, but it is really hot here in Houston, TX. The humidity has stayed high and the temperature has been hitting nearly 100 degrees Fahrenheit every day for the last few weeks!  That sort of heat keeps me from walking around my job’s parking lot at lunch like I used to.  I have had to come up with other ideas.  Here are a few suggestions for frugal summer fun [3].

Bird Watching

One of my husband’s coworkers suggested that I take up bird watching.  The best time to see a variety of birds is early in the morning while the temperature is still bearable.  Despite the fact that I am not a morning person, I did head out one morning last week and strolled through our neighborhood looking for interesting birds.  I was surprised to see an actual woodpecker since our area is pretty developed, but I also saw the normal birds in our area like hummingbirds at the feeders and pairs of robins.  If nothing else, it was nice to walk around without needing a gallon of water afterwards.


I am a blogger.  It is what I do.  Plus, it is an awesome hobby for hot summer days!  What is better than writing about something you love while sitting in a padded seat indoors with air conditioning?  Answering comments while sipping on a glass of Crystal Light is just heaven.  I also like watching my dogs sleep under my desk or next to me on the couch when I’m typing away on my laptop.  Blogging only requires internet access, a computer of some sort, and a little time to create posts like this one.  In short, if you enjoy writing at all and really love a certain area of life, I’d highly suggest starting your own blog just for fun.  If you end up monetizing along the way, that’s just a bonus, right?


Swimming is an absolutely awesome summer activity [4] and healthy to boot!  My husband and I do not own our own pool, but some of our family members allow us to use their pool whenever we like.  If we don’t feel like driving, we can walk to the neighborhood pool during open hours.  The city and county have pools too.  If all of those options fail, we could always simply splurge on a cheap kiddie pool and hang out in the shallow water with some fruit and beverages.  Any pool is nice when it is so hot.

Board Gaming

We are board gamers.  We play Euro games like Power Grid, Ticket to Ride, and 7 Wonders, but we use to enjoy Monopoly, Scrabble, and Sorry too.  Whether you are a hard core gamer or simply a person who can enjoy a fun family game, board gaming is a great indoor activity that keeps your mind awake.  Plus, if you have kids, it is a fantastic way to bond.  A family that plays together stays together.

What frugal summer fun have you been up to?  Any suggestions for the rest of us?

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