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Four Fun and Frugal Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just about here. Chances are that you are trying to figure out a way to show mom that you care — while at the same time keeping costs down. For many, this economy is still tough, and buying a big bouquet or going out to a fancy brunch just isn’t an option.

In most cases, though, mom is likely to be happy with whatever you can give. Indeed, most moms are happy just to get to spend time with their kids and grandkids. A phone call or Skype chat if you live far away can be a great option, and if you live close, you can visit. But, if you are looking for a little something else to do for mom, you can try these 4 fun and frugal [3] ideas for Mother’s Day:

Create Your Own Brunch

Instead of going out to brunch, make it for mom. You can host it at your house, or take the party to mom’s depending on what is easiest for everyone involved. If you have nearby siblings who can pitch in, so much the better. Make mom’s favorite brunch food, and eat it together. Breakfast foods [4], sandwiches, fruit and baked goods are all fairly inexpensive — especially compared to the cost of eating out. Plus, you can all visit as long (and as loudly) as you want. If you’re a family that likes games, you can clear the table and play. Just make sure that everyone helps to clean up, especially if you are at mom’s.

Put Together a Home Video

It is fairly easy to put together a home video of great memories. Include older video clips from when you were a kid, and be sure to include great videos of the grandkids. You can also include old photos in the video. Set it to music that reminds you of mom, and growing up. You can either do this yourself with the software on your computer, or you can have it done elsewhere. I had a video disc of my son, with music, made for less than $25 a couple of years ago. Now, though, I just do it myself on the computer.

Scrap Book or Photo Album

Put together a scrap book or photo album for mom. It should include pictures of you and your kids, as well as your siblings (if they want to pitch in). You can also include other items, such as cards, heartfelt letters written to express your appreciation to mom, and other memorabilia. You can get the basic materials you need fairly inexpensively, and then all you need is time to put it together.

Picnic at Mom’s Favorite Local Spot

If your mom likes to be outside, you can have a picnic at mom’s favorite local spot. Even if it is an hour or so away, you can still enjoy a nice visit in the car. Prepare a simple picnic, saving money on food [5], and, if the weather is nice, you can enjoy a nice walk in a scenic area, and have lunch. Talk about why your mom likes the area, and share memories. It can be a refreshing way to spend the day doing something mom likes.