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Fun Trivia Facts about the $500 Bill

Nowadays the highest denomination bill you can find is the $100 but back in the early 20th century, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing [3] was printing bills as high as $100,000 (1934-35). There aren’t any high denomination bills left, after printing was officially discontinued in 1969 by President Nixon. It was an attempt to combat organized crime and there while they are still legal tender, their value to collectors far exceeds their face value nowadays. There aren’t many left though, so if you find one, take very good care of it!

Let’s have some fun facts!

Fun Facts about the $500 Bill

I hope you enjoyed these facts about the five hundred dollar bill. It was a little trickier finding many facts about this bill since it’s not large enough of a denomination to get the attention the $100,000 bill gets, but I hope there were a few gems in there. If you didn’t get enough trivia, here are fifty fun facts about cold hard cash [10] that I guarantee will teach you something you didn’t know beforehand! 🙂

(if you know of a fun fact I didn’t include about the $500, be sure to share it in the comments!)