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Garbage Island: Massive Floating Plastic Refuse

Did you know that there’s a floating patch of garbage in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? It’s called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and it’s the size of Texas. TEXAS. It’s unimaginable… but now you don’t have to because a series on VBS.TV [3] has gone to it and has pictures and videos.

It takes your breath away how disgusting it is and how irresponsible it’s gotten. I know some people don’t recycle on purpose because they see it as consuming more energy than it saves and others don’t bother because it’s a waste of their time. I suppose I can understand that (no not really), it justifies their behavior, but how can you justify letting things get to this? It’s insanity. Recycling, at the very least, keeps this stuff out of the water.

If you watch that little clip all the way through, the scariest part comes at around 2:30 when the guy talks about Bisphenol A (BPA – used in hard plastics) making women infertile… shades of Children of Men [4].

(The series also went to a lot of other places [5] like Brooklyn, Alberta, and West Virginia.)