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Garden Progress Update (Plus Bonus Video!)

The Great Garden Harvest has thus far yielded:

How much is that worth? I didn’t do the math but probably less than a few dollars. The bulk of the tomatoes, as you’ll see in the video, has yet to come but there are a lot of beef steaks and eggplants hanging from the branches. Mmmmm!

Before you see the video, here’s a shot of all the veggies as we potted them:

Without further ado (RSS readers will have to click through to see the video):

You can leave comments directly on the video by clicking on the timeline and then the green plus sign.

I recently bought a Flip Mino [3] and have been playing around with it, hence this video. The video is only a few minutes long and I might ramble a little. I took two videos and nixed the first because I got motion sick watching it and I don’t usually get motion sick. 🙂 So, what you get is the second, slightly better take. If you have any tips on video (or gardens), please let me know as I’m a total n00b.