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Gas Boycotts Are Stupid

There was the one day gasoline boycott, then the month-long boycotts of particular companies (in this case Exxon [3]), but no one really seems to push the most obvious idea of them all – reduce our use of gasoline and our reliance on oil, that will truly hit the oil companies and those darned terrorists in the pocketbooks. One day boycotts don’t work because it just shifts it to another day. That month long boycott designed to force a company to lower its prices because of a surplus, well that doesn’t work either because that’s not how the fuel refinery pipeline works (if they want to, they’ll just sell it to another company on the spot market, read more about gas prices [4]). Ultimately, the only legitimate way to force the companies to drop their price is to use the powers of the free market economy – lower the demand.

Drive the speed limit.
Avoid abrupt starts and stops.
Maintain your car.
Own a car with decent mileage.
Use your car less.

By the way, I just finished reading through that article about targeting Exxon (first linked post) after I wrote this and saw that they wrote the demand thing, looks like that BS in Economics I have but never use actually came in handy. Okay, I’m done ranting… have a great weekend! 🙂