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Gas Prices Are Ridiculous, Use GasBuddy to Save

With skyrocketing gas prices these days, knowing where to pay the least for gas is clutch. I thought it would be a great idea if someone setup some sort of database that people could input gas prices and that everyone would have access to. Then I discovered GasBuddy.com [3] that provides just that. You can also get quick access to local information by going to [name]GasPrices.com for whatever state or major metropolitan area. MarylandGasPrices.com [4] will give you data for Maryland.

The main page will tell you the lowest and highest gas prices in the area, which may not be as useful if you select it by state because the cheapest gas might be far away. But it does give you a general idea of which areas are cheaper than others. It also tells you which chains are cheaper too. In Maryland, Wawa and Royal Farms tends to lead the pack in cheapest gas. As expected, Exxon charges the most.

To further refine your search, there’s a “Search For Gas Prices” panel on the left. In there you can select the area, typically the name of a city, and station chains. I don’t ever use the station chains but I do select neighboring areas to see where I can get a lower price on gas.

The site relies on user input for up to date gas prices. It’s really easy to enter the prices under “Report A Price Here.” If you happen to see a gas price along the way and it’s convenient, enter it in the site. Everyone benefits from that information.

Finally, there are some fun statistical data pages like a chart graphing average gas prices and message boards. You should check out the entire site and read all the useful information available. And please do help keep us all informated by contributing to the site.