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Gasoline Prices Expected To Rise

With the recent reports that gasoline prices are expected to continue to rise despite a cooling in demand, I thought it would be helpful to pull a few fuel conservation/tree hugging/save the planet articles I’ve written in the past into the limelight for at least part of today. The first is an article about trying to quantify gasoline saving measures when you drive your car, the second is the savings in oil/energy as a result of recycling, and the third is the tax benefits of purchasing a hybrid/hydrogen/”green” car.

1. How To Conserve Gas While Driving [3]
2. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – It Saves Money [4]
2. Tax Breaks for Tree-Hugging Autos [5]

Also something of note, as fuel prices increase, airlines are tacking on additional fuel surcharges. Personally I think this is deceptive because they should be setting their ticket prices higher but I ultimately it’s all marketing anyway. Buying an airline ticket is no longer straightforward with all the security fees and fuel surcharges piggybacking onto the price of the ticket.