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GEICO Good Student Discount

My girlfriend gave me a great idea the other day about how I should see if I still qualify for the Good Student Discount from Geico now that I’m back part-time at Johns Hopkins. Unfortunately, I’m not. These are the rules for the Geico Good Student Discount (from the Geico Rate Class Explanation sheet):

GOOD STUDENT DISCOUNT: Owners or operators who are age 16-24 and full-time students (including those in an academic home study program) may be eligible for this discount. The individual must be classified as a single or married male or a single female operator. Scholastic records for the immediately preceding school semester or quarter (or comparable segment) must show that each such operator was a full-time student and:

  1. ranked scholastically among the upper 20% of the class, or
  2. had a grade average of B or its equivalent, or
  3. had an average of at least three points for all subjects combined, or its equivalent, or
  4. was included in the “Dean’s List,” “Honor Roll,” or comparable listing for scholastic achievement, or
  5. ranked in the upper 20% of one of the following national standardized tests administered within the past 12 months: PSAT, PACT, SAT-I, ACT, Iowa Test of Basic skills, California Achievement test, or TAP.

I don’t fit in the 16-24 age group so I’m disqualified on that account plus I’m not full-time, I’m only part time. Oh well, it was worth shot!