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Get An Amazon Prime 3 Month Trial Free

Amazon is running a $10 Amazon.com Prime promotion [3] until the end of July.

The Amazon Prime Free Trial offer is back but this time it’s only 3 months. Amazon Prime [4] is a program where you can get free shipping regardless of your purchase amount (if the products are eligible, most are) and discounted expedited shipping. A year’s membership costs $79. I reviewed Amazon Prime [5] in terms of cost effectiveness a little while back before they started offering free trials.


  1. Log into your account.
  2. View your account information.
  3. Under the heading Subscriptions Management, click on Manage your Amazon Prime membership.
  4. You will be prompted to log in again.
  5. You should then see “You are not currently subscribed to Amazon Prime. Click here to sign up.” Click on ‘here.’
  6. You will now be offered a 3 month trial membership to Amazon Prime.
  7. You will be prompted for payment information.
  8. You will see “Thank you for joining. You’re now a member of Amazon Primeā„¢ Free Trial!” Click on the link to manage your Amazon Prime account preferences.
  9. In bright green, you should see “Your trial membership will upgrade to a full membership for $79 automatically on [date]” and a button with “Do not upgrade.” Click that button.
  10. The bright green text should now say “Your trial membership will not upgrade to a full membership automatically on August 19, 2006.

You now have Amazon Prime for 3 months, absolutely free, and you don’t even have to worry about remembering to cancel it. You will receive two email messages letting you know when your membership is about the expire, you can ignore those.