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Get An Entertainment Book for your Next Trip!

Going on a vacation somewhere? Consider getting an Entertainment Book for the area, especially if they’re on discount like they are near the middle of the year (since they’re only valid until November 1st). For our Lake Tahoe trip, we bought the Lake Tahoe/Reno Entertainment Book for something like $12 and saved quite possible over a hundred dollars over the course of the week. I wouldn’t buy an Entertainment Book for the area I live around because the book is full of coupons for fast food places and I don’t really want to eat too often at those. The other thing Entertainment Books are good for are coupons for local attractions, something you’re likely to indulge in while on vacation but probably not if you live right next to it.

On our trip to Tahoe, my parents used a two car upgrade to get a Chevy Impala for approximately $16 a day. Not really knowing how much it costs to get a Chevy Imapala (her father is tall so a compact or sub-compact car was not an option), I estimate that coupon probably saves about $10 a day and they were renting it for about ten days. We also took a cruise on the MS Dixie II from Zephyr Bay to Emerald Bay and back, for that, a ticket on the two hour cruise costs $33 a person and the Entertainment Book had two Buy One Get One Free tickets so that saved us a solid $66 on something we planned on doing anyway. Since were staying at a cabin, we tried to buy as much food as we could and cook it ourselves (I’d like to see a pizza delivery guy traverse the one lane road here) so we were even able to make use of a $5 off $50 Safeway coupon.

So, the book itself was something like $10 but we were able to save more than ten times that.