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Getting AT&T Universal Rebate with Under $50 Balance

After Citi decided to close the AT&T Universal Card [3] they sent out a letter to all their cardholders to let them know, about a month in advance, that they were closing the card. Honestly, I get a million pieces of junk mail, most of them “convenience checks,” so it’s no surprise a large majority of cardholders either didn’t receive the letter or destroyed it thinking it was junk mail. So, when the card was closed, many didn’t know and couldn’t spend more to get above the $50 requirement for a cash rebate check.

You can still get the rebate, the first step is to call up AT&T Universal Card and ask. If they refuse, because you have under a $50 balance, threaten to contact your Office of Attorney General. If they still refuse, ask to speak to a floor manager and repeat the threat. If they still refuse, contact your Office of Attorney General.

Reader Frank Kelly did just that and received a check of $35.21:

If you have a rewards balance of less than $50.00, contact your local OFFICE OF ATTORNEY GENERAL. I did contact the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Attorney General in Allentown PA. They sent a letter to Citibank and they sent me my $35.21

The more people complaining should get Citibank to be responsible and forward checks to all of their customers in the amount they are due on their Rewards account.


It’s your money, get it back from the credit card companies. If I had a penny I’d do it just out of principle.