Getting Your Tax Stimulus Check

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If you’re wondering where your stimulus check is, try this IRS tool.

Update: The bill has passed, the checks will be mailed out based on this stimulus tax rebate check schedule, so file your returns (even if you didn’t need to) to get your check.

I wanted to make an addendum to the article I wrote about the 2008 Tax Rebate Stimulus package that was recently passed in the House of Representatives. There have been a lot of questions as to how much someone would get, what tax year the rules are applied to, what counts as a “child,” etc.

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First off, I think we are still too early in the game to be discussing those things because the Senate still needs to pass a similarly worded bill, the two bills have to be married, and then the President needs to sign it. Then the number crunchers have to do the math and then finally checks will be mailed out in May or June or July. The biggest of the hurdles will come in the Senate but ultimately there still are many hurdles. This “economic stimulus package” (I put it in quotes because there is fierce debate as to the effectiveness of the package) is still far from a certainty. Preparing as if it will appear in a few months would be a mistake.

Secondly, since you won’t have to do anything (you don’t file a form, you don’t call anyone), there isn’t really much you should do. If it goes through, a check will arrive in the mail one day in May or June or July and you’ll find yourself a few hundred dollars richer. If you’re just treading water, maybe that gets you some breathing room. If you’re more financially stable, maybe you put that towards some debt or pad your emergency fund. If you’re looking to make a purchase that’s contingent on getting that check, I’d wait until after it clears before swiping your card.

lastly, don’t believe the mainstream media when they say that a deal has been struck and that you will definitely be getting money. A deal was made in the House, the other chamber has yet to pass something, and Congress’ idea of breakneck speed leaves much to be desired. Do not count on this money!

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121 Responses to “Getting Your Tax Stimulus Check”

  1. walter zbikowski says:

    i received a check for$593.00 its not the 7 dollars but can u tell me why my check was different than every one i know who got one thank you

  2. Anonymous says:

    confused a bit. I followed the instruction on the IRS website and it showed we were getting 600 back, great. but line 52 is blank on my form because we had to attach another paper, form 8901 to it as an additional child tax credit. does the website just show what you are getting and forget to add in the child tax one or did they mess up on our taxes and we won’t get the extra 300 for our son because that line is blank?

  3. mrs.batiste says:

    i would like to know if you went direct deposit with your tax return ,and the account you had the money sent to is charged off or closed what will happen to your stimulus check

  4. Larry says:

    What can you do if your direct deposit is more than a week and a half late? Is there any way you can check up on it?

  5. Elizabeth Hawkins says:

    I was wondering if I would get a check being on SSI and going to school on line, I really need comcast to stay on my computer for school or I will have to drop out. This month I could only pay my rent for my bank has let things go threw I never ordered, this same thing happened to me in oklahoma city bank so my bank now is investigating it. I tried to get pell grants but people have called me and said I have to pay to get my money so I’m real fustrated. What can I do to get free money to help me with back bills and school. I really need help. So will I be a candidate for the stimulus check. thank you, Elizabeth Hawkins 5/17/08 11:44am.

  6. Kathy E krafft says:

    I went to the calculator and it said I was getting 600.00. I received 300.00. Why is this? I’m single make more than 3,000 and less than 75,000. My family says I was only supposed to get 300. But my friends all make about the same as I do and got 600.00. Am I right or is my family?

  7. roland f harbour sr. says:

    you did not make yourself clear to me and many other people i’ve talked to. i filed an joint irs tax sheet and expected $1200.00 but received $600. i never heard that your spouse has to fill a tax credit. no my wife still takes care of me and my family so i figured and i thought they way u guys spoke we were eligable for the joint rebate figures double talk. now i don’t think it will stimulate the ecomony very much now. roland harbour sr.

  8. Penny says:

    Like mentioned several times, this is not a welfare check, it’s a stimulus check. The government is hoping that people will take this check and go BUY stuff to stimulate the economy. When it comes to keeping the economy going, is it the poor people or the richer people that keep it going? The poor people don’t have the money to go out and buy things like people with a nice income. Sure, they buy food and pay rent and utilities, but everybody does that!
    As Kristi said…the poor stay poor, and that’s about right. The poor stay poor due to their choices they make or made in life.
    I liked what Cameron said and agree 100%! Everybody has a choice in this life.
    Everybody here had and still has the opportunity for an education. The ones that chose to not educate are the ones struggling and have nobody to blame other then themself. It’s NOT the governments fault!!
    Like mentioned several times above…all these questions can be answered by going to their site or simply doing a google search, but then I guess it’s much easier to have others do it for you then to do it for yourself.
    As for this check, I already got my 1,200.00. I didn’t need it and didn’t really care if I got it or not, but it was a nice addition to my checking account.

  9. Rose Wedge says:

    I filed my income tax forms and had to pay an extra $873.. So far the only letter I recieved from the IRS was to tell me to file. People tell me that they recieved a letter telling them how much and when. My ss ends in 01 ,checked with the bank where my ss check id deposited every month and so far nothing!!!

  10. vickie holcomb says:

    Please explain to me why my husband and I only got $600.00 instead of $1200.00. I am on social security disability and only receive $979.00 a month, and my husband only made around $48000.00. He does not claim me as a dependent. Thank you for your help

    • Lizzy says:

      first of all, the average hosehold brings in ONLY 35,000 a year (us poor people only bring in about 15,000). Second that $979.00 you get from SSD is free, dont bitch. And third, you only got 1200 last year if you filed married, that means he would have had to claim you to get it. he filed single so you only got 600.

      • Bryan says:


        First of all, spare us your bragging about your wages. You are in control of your own destiny; if you aren’t happy with where you can fix it (read: “don’t bitch”). Please stop showing off about how poor you are like it’s your red badge of courage.

        Second of all the last I checked you, me, every taxpayer and namely Vickie pays Social Security Tax. It isn’t free, we pay for it all of our working lives and are certainly entitled to it.

        Learn to do your homework before you run your mouth, especially someone asking a harmless question.

  11. charlene walters says:

    I was told that on the computer its said may 23 it will be sent out I hope I get it sooner then july then what the computer said i iwas told 8 diffrent stories.

  12. kelly says:

    what the heck is everyones problem??? why are you all so freaking mean to one another? who the heck do you think you are talking bad about people you don’t even know. so what if you are rich penny? that is great for you but i know people who are a lot smarter than you and are poor. not everyone is poor due to choices they made. some were born into poverty and have no way out. yes its easy to say go get an education but are you the one paying for it? the people talking about soldiers well it is a chioce to go into the military and to go fight for this country but who else is going to do it? all of you people that are bitchin about stupid stuff and are all freakin talk how about you go over seas and see if this country still means as much to you. or how about you rich people that dont know what its like to lose someone to this war yes it was their choice to go over there but they did it for you as much as for there self. so shut up everybody unless you have something nice to say or something that will benefit the people around you if not dont keep coming on here degrading people you dont know just cause you think you are smart or have more money

  13. kelly says:

    people are fighting for your freedom penny and you are saying things like that who do you think you are. how about sit on your ass and do nothing about it or how about you go fight for your own freedom and see how long you last

  14. Penny says:

    Sorry to upset you Kelly, it was not my intention! If promoting education is an awful thing to you, then there isn’t much I can say.
    I was one of the “poor people” a long time ago. I had no money to pay for education so I found a way to get a scholarship. I went to school full time, worked part time and took care of my 3 young kids ages 5 years to 4 months. When I turned 30 I then served our country with the United States ARMY.

    Just so ya know…there is a way out!

  15. janene white says:

    i have a question i have direct deposit however i am self employed will that effect my getting a stimulas check thiis year?, i filed taxes ect., i got my rebate this year however no check yet ?? my tax return went direct deposit but again i have not recieved a check?? do self employed people qualify for the stimulus rebate ??

  16. ellen & tom schmitt says:

    hello, my name is tommy schmitt and my wife name is ellen m schmitt..we r here to say 1 thing abt the stimulus soo upset with this whole craziness with the $$$$ will i get the chk?? how long?? wheres my .l. tax rebate and stimulus chk tax rebate for $466 and $1,200 for stimulus where is it??? we need the $$$ to pay off our god damn bills u dammit irish fruitcake wheres the $$$$$$$…i hate u bush u dont belong in our country u belong in mars and meeting all retarded aliens there…we r all complaining and our country is falling apart cuz of u..ur the 1 that ruined our country since u ve been in president for 8 yrs i cant wait for u to get the he.l.l. out of here damn u i hated u cuz ur ugly, stupid,irish fruitcake,lowlife family..u dont belong here….we want u out and hope the next president will be better 1 not like uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu u fruitcake irish….so, i m gonna nagging this over and over again if i dont get the $$$$ so, get ur god damn head straight and tell our americans the truth how much will they get and when will they gonna get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no discussion u goofy irish fruitcake,golddigger..thats u

  17. Jason says:

    That posting by “ellen & tom schmitt” was just absured, my god could you prove your a racist any more? I know everyone wants to ‘blame’ someone when they dont get something for free, but it seems to me this posting is running rampant with inbred minds trying to ‘crunch’ numbers. Excuse me Kelly if that hurts someones ‘feelings’ but hey this is America and these people have a right to be stupid, and I have a right to call what I see. Penny I agree with what you said and I feel your posting was very well thought out and polite. ‘You cant beat a dead horse’ This is how I look at it nobody here is ‘poor’ you have a computer, the internet, and a power supply to run both of those…..Poor people have neither of these things. Just be honest everyone, your the ones who created the poor lifes you lead by your choices to become in debt and live paycheck to paycheck, and now you want someone to bail you out, and when you dont get your hand out right on time you bite the hand that feeds it. I for one would rather live in a country with Bush running it, than go to another country where the average family ‘household’ income is $12,000 per year…..thats household…..not per person.

  18. sharon says:

    First I have to say this is the first time I ever responded to a posting. But , when I read tom and ellen’s comment, (even though it is too stupid, lame and really, really, sad to respond to let alone even aknowledge) I just couldn’t help myself. First I’m so sorry that you are so destituded that you can’t wait for a check that you never even knew you would receive until the first of the year. Second,your words show your on intellgents. Third,if someone needs not belong to a country its you,so PLEASE don’t represent us with those great words.There are other countrys that would love to give you a place to live and let you have your FREEDOM.So run, run OH, you haven’t left yet, DAMN. You know this country so free we’ll let go and ask no questions. SO GOOD BYE. OH yeah, don’t forget Hellen. I’m sorry ellen

  19. sharon says:

    and also I didn’t know the pres. was signing these checks. If I’m right I think that its the internul revenue services department. Isn’t?????

  20. sharon kay marshall says:

    we were told we would receive our refund on may 23-2998 we have not received it. could you help us out. we understand half of it went to the state. but I’m intitle to half . I dont understand why when two house hold work and when one is paying the statethank you sharon

  21. Breanna says:

    I understand, I was told that my payment will be mailed by May 16 as you can tell from the previous comments I have not received anything. I know people are worried but I am just so tied of the bill collectors thinking that since the stimulus check is worldwide everyone is getting money. Even if you owe taxes they are taking this out of the stimulus payment. I Hope a bill collector is reading this just because their is a stimulus check that does not mean their is extra money in anyone’s house hold.

  22. Janice Moye says:

    My husband passed away March 24, 2008 after we had filed our income tax and received our refund. I would like to know if I will receive a check for both of us or for me? Will it be deposited to same bank account as my social security check is sent. So far I have not received anything.Thanks.

  23. Beverly A. Sain says:

    I recieved a notice about my stimulus check, and they calculated something wrong. they have me getting $300.00 and $ 300.00 for my child which is wrong. I filed head of household I’am not a child so I should be getting $600.00 and $300.00 for my child.

  24. Roger Novak says:

    I misplaced my stimulus check. How do I go about putting a stop payment on this check and having a new check cut replacing the lost check?

  25. Ann says:

    I filed my taxes with Direct deposit, my stimulus check should have been deposited by May 2nd, and I still have not received this or the paper check. The website gives no reasoning behind this. When should I expect this, and what is the delay? The rest of my family have all received theirs

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