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Glasses Broken, Buying A New Frame

So last week in a thrilling nail-biter of a kickball game, my girlfriend was fielding a high fly ball (she’s our second basewoman) when it bounced off her hands, into her face, and snapped her plastic-framed glasses in two at the bridge.

Luckily, even though they were over two and a half years old (not a bad run for a pair of glasses), we could read the item number from the frame (JS 111-2). Jill Stuart, style 111, color 2. A brief search on Google yielded that the frames could be purchased for $72.90 from FramesDirect [3] with free shipping. Since we were in a bind and needed 2-day delivery, that’s another $15 tacked on for a final price in the realm of $90 – pretty reasonable.

We also visited Costco and found a pair that she liked, made by Anna Sui, and purchased those as well. Since they’ll take two weeks to arrive (cost of about $180), we still needed to order the plastic replacement frames online so that in the interim we can just pop the old lenses out of the broken frame and put them in the new one when it arrives. Right now she has a big piece of duct tape holding the two pieces together so it’s been great fun around here the last few days.

(actually they’ve been crazy glued together and she handles them ever so gingerly… you can’t even tell they’re broken, but duct tape would’ve been hilarious)