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Google Finance Beta is Sweet

Ever since I found out I could put most tickers into Google and get a real time quote I’ve been using it. In the past, once the quote appeared you could click on the ticker symbol itself and it would bring you to Yahoo! Finance but all that changed this morning. Now, it takes you to Google Finance Beta [3]!

You still have the option to go to Yahoo Finance (or MSN Money or MarketWatch or CNN Money or Reuters) via a link underneath the ticker, but Google Finance has some features that I think the other services will have to match in order to win my eyeballs.

The sweetest thing about Google Finance Beta is the historical data and how it’s tied to news. You see the typical price and volume chart? There are all the usual 1d, 5d, etc. zooms in the upper left hand corner but take a look at the yearly charts above it. Put your mouse over to the right side of it and it should turn into a horizontal double-ended arrow. Drag it to the left… you’ve now created a customized zoom. You can also do fun things like grab the chart and scroll it left and right.

It gets better, now mouse over the chart itself. A dot should appear on the price history line and in the upper left you’ll see the date, price, and volume. If you’ve used Yahoo Finance, you know that they have little arrows for splits and other relevant stock changes but in Google Finance it ties actual news stories to the chart. That’s what the letters are.

Another cool feature, though less useful in terms of research, is the aggregation of blog posts about the company. It’s the start of mainstream media sources having to share online space with bloggers, a move that shouldn’t be overlooked.

There are other nice little informational features like pictures of execs (if they have it), when you scroll over their names in the Management pane, and related companies. Basically all the information it took multiple clicks to get to in Yahoo Finance appears on a single page.

What would I like to see added?

  1. Multiple portfolios – It’s beta, I understand if they only want to let you have one portfolio but in the future you’d want to have multiple portfolios.
  2. Portfolios on Main Page – Take what they do with the major markets and extend it to the portfolio’s of the user, sort of like personalized Google on steroids.
  3. Get rid of 20-min delayed quotes – Be the first to get rid of 20-min delayed quotes and go real-time for everything. It’s not like it’s a quantum leap considering a real-time quote is listed every single time, why do we keep with the archaic delayed quotes?

Anything you want to see?