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Google Your Way To Credit Card Numbers

Apparently this little “trick” has been known by some in smaller circles for quite a long time, but apparently if you search for number ranges in Google, you’re bound to find some valid credit card numbers. While it’s very much illegal to use someone else’s number to buy stuff, and I hope you burn if you do commit credit card fraud; this is something that they, as in the credit card companies, should fix. Google only finds stuff that’s freely available, so that means those credit card numbers are freely available. No need to hack a third party processors system or steal a laptop left unattended, just Google your way to a free flat screen plasma TV.

…credit card companies have apparently known about this technique for at least three years, probably longer, and presumably have hoped it would continue being swept under the rug

Un-freaking-believable. THREE YEARS!?!?!? Google has error’d out some of the queries but I’m sure something is bound to slip through… those credit card fraudsters are trickly like that.