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Tips for Grocery Shopping on a Budget

I often wonder what keeps many from grocery shopping with a budget in mind and then sticking to it. I have actually sat down with a friend before who is trying to save money on her grocery bill. We have literally sat at my kitchen table together, gone over the store ad, planned out our meals, made the list, priced out the items and have gone to the store together. Essentially we had the same list – plus or minus a few things, but still with very similar approximate total prices. A few times during our outing we strayed from each other, but in the end, met at the cash register. Once there, her total bill was double what mine was.

So, what happened in the straying? What was different between the shopping trips? How could we have done all the work together, but ended with such different results?

Here are a few thoughts about grocery shopping on a budget:

Being wise with how you grocery shop can save you a lot of money as well as be a lot of fun! Some of the ideas I’ve shared are things we’ve been doing for awhile, while others we are still “perfecting” in our own striving to do grocery shopping on a budget. I’d love to hear tips and ideas that you know about or have done that keep your grocery bills low!

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