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Ha! Weddings Are Scams! I Knew It!

Laura Rowley, a Yahoo Finance columnist, exposes the “Wedding-Industrial Complex [3]” for what it is… a bunch of nice emotional things coupled with a bunch of “traditions” created by companies to sell more stuff. She references Rebecca Mead’s One Perfect Day: The Selling of the American Wedding [4], which you may recognize since I linked to a Devil’s Advocate article about how you shouldn’t get married [5].

Scam #1: It costs $28,000
It doesn’t have to cost $28,000 but the industry keeps pounding into the minds of brides and grooms to the point where people believe that’s how much you have to spend. I think our wedding is going to cost around that much because we’ll be inviting approximately 200 people and food (including the incidentals like tables, chairs, tablecloths, servers, cooks, etc) will be nearly $20,000 alone. Is that necessary? No. Is it nice to have? Yes, but not 100% necessary which is the point.

Scam #2-#0394820934: All those institutions you thought were cultural, they’re actually commercial.

“The engagement ring was invented by [diamond producer] De Beers in the 1930s and 1940s,” she says. “The so-called traditional bridesmaid luncheon, rehearsal dinner, pre-wedding barbecue, and post-wedding brunch don’t have a basis in history. It’s easier to say no to things like that if you understand that it’s not wrong to not do them.”

Amazing huh? I think I’m going to get that book.