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Happy Birthday Freebies – Where to Get Free Stuff On Your Birthday

One of the best birthday presents is getting free stuff. And there are a number of retailers and restaurants that are willing to give you stuff, or at least a discount, on your birthday. As long as you don’t mind a little loss of privacy [3] as you sign up, you can get some great freebies around your birthday.

You can start by signing up at BirthdayFreebies.com [4]. This site allows you to register and then find numerous birthday freebies. You can sign up with Facebook to make it easier. On top of offering information on national freebies, you can also get information on local freebies, allowing you to save at establishments in your area.

Here are some other places to start getting free stuff for your birthday, compiled with the help of Hey It’s Free [5] and The Frugal Girls [6]:

Free Food for Your Birthday

If you want free food on your birthday, you often just have to sign up when you go out to eat. Here are some of the places that provide some sort of birthday club or other signup for points or rewards that can result in free food:

Non-Food Freebies

While we often think of free food, that’s not your only option. Here are a few non-food freebies available on your birthday:

What are your favorite birthday freebies?

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