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Happy Labor Day 2010!

Can you believe it’s the first Monday in September already? I would say that this year has absolutely flown by but with the severe weather (multiple feet of snow in the winter, multiple days of 100+ degree weather in the summer), I think I’ve acutely felt every single day as it passed.

With Labor Day upon us, I did a little bit of research into the origins and thought it’d be fun to know the history of the holiday. Labor Day was first celebrated in 1882 and when you think about its origins, it’s actually a pretty ugly story. In 1894, there was the Pullman Strike [3] in which a labor dispute (3000 employees of the Pullman Palace Car Company went on strike and President Grover Cleveland sent US Marshalls and the US Army to break the strike) led to the deaths of 13 strikers and the wounding of 57 others. As a way to reconcile, we celebrate Labor Day as a national holiday with parades, barbecues, and other minor celebrations.

So on this Labor Day, get some rest, relaxation, and we’ll be back with more personal finance tomorrow!