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Happy Thanksgiving!

I’ll be taking a few days off as family comes into town to enjoy a nice juicy 16 lb. Thanksgiving day turkey, I’ll probably post a roundup or something this weekend and then start the blogging train back up on Monday. If you’re interested in reading some oldies but goodies from the past, I’ve pulled out a few from the archives:

25. A little over two years ago, I turned 25 and immediately prior to and after my birthday I requested quotes from a bunch of different auto insurance companies to see what the difference would be. Here’s the post from before I turned 25 [3], I detailed the price I was paying to Geico before 25. In this post, I requested multiple auto insurance quotes after turning 25 [3] to see the difference between my pre-25 quotes and the results were consistent with what most people say, you do get a discount.

123. That’s how many comments there are on a post I wrote in August of 2005 about the horrible experience we had with U-Haul [4] in moving my fiancee and her roommate from New Jersey to the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area. What’s funny is that usually when you write an “I Hate XYZ Company” post, some people come to its defense – no one has done that with U-Haul.

114. That’s how comments are on my Rent Forever, Don’t Buy A Home [5] post, the most popular of the Devil’s Advocate [6] posts. If you aren’t familiar with Devil’s Advocate series, it’s where I try to argue the other side of conventional thinking and people seem to enjoy seeing someone take the unpopular side. I’m all about providing enjoyment here. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!