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Hardcore Couponing Experience: $240.64 Saved, 3.5 Hours

Right after writing a post about hardcore couponing, reader Angie Buckley wrote to me about how she was going to try her hand at hardcore couponing. So I did what every responsible blogger does, I asked her if she’d share her experiences with me and if I could share them with you all – she agreed! Her results are amazing and her tactics seemed pretty normal to me (she didn’t do any dumpster diving or anything like that), anyone who had the desire really could start hardcore couponing with a little extra time and effort. Key to all this, and you can read it through her enthusiasm, is that she saw it as a game. Making something a game always makes it easier and ratchets up your effort and enthusiasm a few notches. Enjoy!

Hi Jim,
The results are in. I went to Martins Grocery store today. My total before coupons was $57.18. my savings were $55.35. My total due was $1.83+$2.59 for tax. I paid for it with a gift card my husband received with his pay check last Christmas. Martins also gives you bonus points when you spend. I earned $0.10 off gasoline at their gas station located in the parking lot. Right now they already have the cheapest gas in town at $2.33. So the next time I need gas I will get it for 2.23 unless I go shopping and earn more points first. The more I spend the money I get off at the pump. I spent 2 hours in the store.

I also went to Food Lion today. My total there was a little more complicated. I had a rain check for Hot Pockets so they had to manually put it in as the rain check price which was 1.00 each I bought 33 of them in addition I had 33 – $0.50 coupons for each so I paid .50 each for them. They retail at $3.59 each normally. A savings of $81.97 for 33 of them, so I will add this to my total before coupons since it does not reelect. Total before coupons was $245.18. after store card savings -$29.65 Rain check savings from previous sale – $81.97 coupons -7$3.67, Total due was $59.89 including tax. I spent 1.5 hours in the store.

3.5 hours of work total savings for the day $240.64.

If you would like I can fax the receipts to you so you can have a detailed look at them. I do not mind you using my name in this article I would be thrilled.

Thank You,
Angie Buckley

Wow, nearly $250 in savings and a three and a half hour shopping trip, but how did she get all those coupons?

I got the coupons buying Sunday papers, weekender papers,trading with friends online at the Coupon Forum [3], writing companies and telling them how I felt about their products. I couponed a little bit when my children were young because my Mother-in-law was always giving me diaper coupons that saved me some money, other than that I didn’t think much about it.

Then back in July of this year I decided I wanted to try my hand at couponing. It came about while standing in line at the grocery store and the person in front of me had a handful of coupons and I was educated right there on the power of coupons. I went home and started researching couponing and I was amazed at the information available. I started looking for a coupon club locally but couldn’t find one, but I did find the Coupon Forum. I registered and started reading everything. Then I started trading, and yes it is addicting. To me now, coupons are money.

I decided to start stockpiling good high dollar coupons and coupons good for free stuff or free when you buy other stuff, and then collect coupons for the other stuff, kind of like double dipping, but legal. the whole time I was collecting I was watching the sales and keeping an eye on my expiration dates, waiting for just the right time. I also was making mental notes on how cares what product and how much the product cost. Tomorrow will be one and a half month since my Coupon Forum Registration. I didn’t start thinking about this shopping trip till maybe a couple of weeks later.

While we didn’t delve into how long it took her to acquire the coupons (I’d suspect the payout per time spent would’ve been far lower than before) but you can see how it became a game to her and how she really got into it. The bottom line is with a little extra effort she was able to save a tremendous amount… and have enough Hot Pockets to last her many many months. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us Angie!