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Your Take: Are These Really the Most Hated Jobs?

CNBC listed the ten most hated jobs [3]:

There were three “types” of jobs that I saw on the list – boring jobs, being in charge or being part of a group with uncertain goals and direction, and stepping stone jobs.

CNC Machinist, tech support, and the like fit into that boring category. Tech support is absolutely crucial for a company but I doubt many IT specialists saw that as their dream job. For many, at least the ones I know, it’s a job that pays the bills and puts food on the table. Anything fun or fulfilling comes outside of work.

As for the uncertain goals and direction, that’s the reason why the Director of IT and Director of Sales and Marketing are up there. Lack of direction from above is cited as a big reason why these are unpopular jobs and I can believe it. In many companies, these are cost centers. The company’s business isn’t in IT or sales & marketing, it’s in doing whatever it is that pays the bills. Those “things” are what get the focus and attention of upper management, IT and other departments like accounting and HR, don’t. Without direction, it’s hard to know what you should be doing, hard to work towards goals, and more importantly, be satisfied that you’re doing what you’re supposed to.

Finally, the stepping stone jobs. There are some jobs where you work long hours, do menial work, and take the pain because it gives you a step up. Why do financial analysts work a bazillion hours? They get paid pretty well for it but they’re working towards their next job. Law clerks, #7 on the list, are like that. Do a good job clerking for a judge and it means bigger and better things.

I haven’t done any of the jobs on this list before but these are probably the worst of the worst in terms of white collar, office-type of jobs. You just need to watch one episode of Dirty Jobs [4] and you’ll see a job that you probably would try your best to avoid doing. 🙂