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Healthy Habits that Aren’t So Healthy for Your Wallet

We’re all much more health conscious thanks to the educational efforts of the medical community as well as the manufacturers of all of those must have health products. Because of this campaign, many Americans are making an effort to live a healthy lifestyle.

Outside of our finances, nobody can argue that a more health conscious lifestyle is a  great choice but those decisions can add up when we start looking at our bank account. Did you ever think that these healthy decisions could add up to some big bucks? Here are a few examples.

Bottled Water

Remember when bottled water rose to popularity? We heard about the contaminants in normal tap water and as soon as the clever marketing firms made us feel invigorated by drinking “natural spring water”, many of us were hooked. The truth is that bottled water can cost as much as 10,000 times [3] more than tap water and since its bottled in manmade plastic, not only is it not environmentally friendly, it may hold its own contaminants. If you don’t want to drink tap water, purchase a filtration system for a fraction of the cost.

Gym Membership

When is a gym membership a waste of money? When you don’t use it and that is the case for a lot of people. If you went to the gym five times a week and paid $40 per month, $1.60 per visit is a great deal but if you only manage to get to the gym a few times per year, that’s a lot of money for a workout. Be realistic. If you have a gym membership that you rarely use, pay the guest fee. At $10 per visit at some gyms, that might be a much better deal. Remember that getting outside and walking is free.

Diet Soda

It says “diet” so it must be good for you, right? If the idea of putting a black substance in to your body doesn’t scream “bad idea”, maybe the fact that it has been proven to keep  your waist line bulging will be enough. Cutting out soft drinks may save you $300 per year [4] and it makes that water purifier you purchased pay for itself even faster.

Orange Juice

Orange juice? Nutritionists will tell you that there are more calories in orange juice than a can of diet soda so why spend the money? One bottle of orange juice costs as much as 12 oranges [5] and the real orange has a lot more nutritional value including half the calories of a glass of juice. We’re all conditioned to sing the nutritional praises of the orange but like anything else, moderation is key.


Apparently they’re all the craze but if the idea of having a colonic doesn’t turn you away, maybe the $80 price tag [6] will. Not only do they flush out the bad bacteria, but the good bacteria goes with it. Probiotic yogurt is half the price and a more healthy lifestyle full of water, fruits, and vegetables is a better and cheaper option according to experts. Aren’t you glad I used a yogurt picture instead? 🙂

Just because somebody calls it healthy doesn’t mean that it’s better for you. Anything marketed as healthy often comes with a higher price tag so ask yourself if it’s worth the cost. Taking care of yourself is definitely worth a little bit of extra money but like anything else, a little frugality goes a long way.

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