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Help Me Pick A Cell Phone!

As a former AT&T Wireless customer, who has yet to switch to a Cingular phone, if I don’t switch to a Cingular phone I will have to start paying a fee [3] each month (BOO!). This morning I called up Cingular (forgetting about the fee, I haven’t been under contract in many months and figured I should be able to get a phone if I wanted to) and asked them what phones I could get for free in return for agreeing to a two year contract. I’m allowed to pick any phone on their site other than the Treo, Blackberry, or Motorola RAZR. The RAZR would cost me $380 if I signed for a one year contract and $150 for a two year contract… too expensive for either plan.

If anyone has recommendations on what phone I should consider, please let me know, thanks!