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Help Me Represent PF Blogging in the Shorty Awards!

The Shorty Awards [3] is an awards ceremony for the “best producers of short real-time content.” At the moment, in the Finance category [4], there are investing gurus, forex gurus, and stock trading gurus all over the top 20 list.

There isn’t a single regular personal finance blogger on the entire list… that just isn’t right!

If you have a few moments and would like to get a personal finance blogger (unless you consider Suze Orman, who leads the voting, a personal finance blogger… which I don’t) onto the list, please vote in the Shorty Awards!

How to vote (voting ends soon so every vote matters!):

That’s all you need to do, thank you!

As an added bribe incentive, if you do vote, send me a URL [6] of your tweet along with your Bargaineering.com username and I’ll deposit 20BB in your account for you to spend in our lovely Bargaineering Bucks store [7]. This applies even if you tweeted out a vote before you saw this post, it’s just a small token of my appreciation for supporting me!