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Best Place to Hide Money at Home

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Book ShelfWe all need to have a little cash on hand. Maybe you need some cash but don’t want to head out to the ATM? Maybe a truck just stopped by and they have a great deal on speakers (OK, bad example, those speakers are probably stolen or not as advertised). Whatever your reason to keep cash at home, you have some cash on hand and you want to know where you should hide it so thieves, should they be so enterprising, don’t get their hands on it.

When picking where to hide it, remember one maxim – thieves don’t have a lot of time so they look in the most predictable of places. In your underwear drawer, under the mattress, in your desk, in a jewelry box, in your closet, and most notably, in a safe. So when picking a place to hide your cash, follow this one rule – make it look like something else. Camouflage is the best protection because, presumably, they don’t have all day to look.

Best Places to Hide Money At Home

  • In Your Freezer: Do you have any idea what is in your freezer? No, so what chance does a burglar have if you take your valuables, money or jewelry, wrap it in foil, put it in a zip lock bag, and stuff it in your freezer? They won’t know the difference between your frozen chicken breasts from you frozen wad of $20s.
  • Framed Pictures: This one is a classic and the stuff of legends, just hide it in the back of a framed picture between the picture and the frame. It’s where an enterprising adventurer hid the map to One Eyed Willy’s treasure. 🙂
  • Hollow Can of Soup: After you’ve enjoyed the soup, wash it out and use it as a container for your cash. Stick it back in the cupboard with the rest of your stacked cans and burglars stand little chance of finding it.
  • In Your Toilet: Get a secure zip lock bag (or two or three), put your stuff in it, and tape it to the lid of your toilet’s water tank. Burglars typically don’t search toilet water tanks in the hopes of finding treasure.
  • Pockets of Jackets: You may already do this without knowing it but why not hide money in the pocket of pants and jackets in your closet? If you have expensive clothes, that you think burglars might steal, this might be a bad idea.
  • Tucked Into Books: Much like the spreading out across jackets, you can stick bills inside the pages of books.
  • Coffee Cups: How many times do you use every coffee cup? Find the one you rarely use and roll up some bills to hide in there, it’ll usually be in the back and away from prying eyes.
  • Hollowed out Book: Jeff from Sustainable Life Blog tweeted this idea to me, which I hadn’t thought of. I like all my books so I think I’ll have to check out my library’s next used book sale for a nice thick book.
  • Lining of a Suitcase: Tweeter Beskeie suggested the lining of a suitcase, which is certainly novel.
  • Feminine Hygeine Product Box: Kandace of Making it Bright suggested the bottom of a feminine hygiene product box in the bathroom, that’s another brilliant idea!
  • Your Kid’s Toys (Or Board Games):Digital nomad Alex says he puts “all his money” in a Candyland box, which is probably good for hiding (it’s not much different than hollowing out a book, without hollowing out a book) but probably less good when you’re out shopping.
  • Fake Stained Underwear: Tweeter Meathook Jones shared this gem, stained underwear is probably something a thief will actively avoid.

And with that final suggestion, I think we will end this list for fear of getting worse. 🙂

Now for the hardest part, remembering where you hid it!

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33 Responses to “Best Place to Hide Money at Home”

  1. Shirley says:

    Good ideas all!
    When leaving for the weekend, my dad would put my mom’s “good jewelry” in a plastic bag at the bottom of the garbage can under the kitchen sink. Then came the plastic liner half full of garbage. We were always very careful when emptying garbages, just in case… 🙂

  2. Scott says:

    Hiding in books is great so long as you remember which book. I’ve lost $20 bills many times and refound them years later by accident from doing this.

  3. Stroker Ace says:

    If you don’t mind me disagreeing with a couple of the suggestions, but the lining of a suitcase is probably not the best idea, nor the trashcan. When thieves break into a home they look for containers to haul away the loot. They will use pillow cases, luggage, even trash cans (after they dump out the trash, finding your hidings) to put smaller valuables into them for easy moving. When they load up your game console and games, they will likely find a container that will hold it all, and sell it, along with the container, to someone on the street, whether they have found what you have hidden in it already or not.

  4. Stephanie says:

    A friend of mine had her house burglarized and the burglars heard her come home and took off. They were in the process of emptying the contents of her freezer into a large suitcase. I’ve also heard of thieves knocking all the books off of bookshelves in hopes that they’ll find a book safe or cash in them.

  5. Nick says:

    Great points by Stroker and Scott.

    I really like some of these. Putting cash in actualy dirty underwear might deter your own spending too… 😉

  6. Kandace says:

    Great ideas. Now I have to go move my money… 🙂

  7. Shorebreak says:

    The bottom of your document shredder. But don’t forget it’s there.

  8. tbork84 says:

    I think these are great ideas, but I can absolutely see myself forgetting where the cash was hidden after a few months.

  9. Zack Jones says:

    I put mine in the fireproof gun safe. It’s so big and heavy that no thief would ever be able to carry it out and it would take them all weekend to break into it. I also use it to store other important documents until I get get to the bank and put them in the safe deposit box.

    • jacob says:

      actually if they really wanted to they could get a good sized dolly and load it into the Uhal truck and then they could take it to a good place away from society and then use a plasma cutter and what do ya know you got nothing. this would be the type that plots and usually brings in a group of people. I think the very safest place is under a mounted shelf or hidden inside a gorge ceiling,rember you are trying not be captain obvious about it if this were to take place. if they ask where is your money just say its at the bank with security guards. then they will then ask where is your jewerly just say I pawned it. then if they ask were is your electronics just say im an old country boy i dont have a use for it. now either 1 of 2 things will happen 1 you die 2 they run like hell. and you dill that number anyway this is the type we generally think of, just think humm this must be dufus thinkin hes going to make a fotune.

  10. cvargo says:

    I use a fire proof gun safe as well that is bolted down in my basement. They can try but they won’t succeed. Unless they bring dynamite i guess.

  11. yourPFpro says:

    I hide money in my shoes. I have size 14 shoe though so I know it’s very unlikely any burglars will steal these.. 🙂

  12. ziglet19 says:

    Ha, the fake dirty underwear made me laugh out loud.

    As some others have pointed out, the real trick is to make sure you hide it somewhere where you will remember it’s there. I have a relative who hides jewelry in jacket pockets, but can’t ever seem to mind the jewelry pieces when she wants them. When she passes, we’re going to have to go through everything with a fine toothed comb in hopes of not throwing anything valuable away.

  13. daenyll says:

    Unlikely that a teddy bear(with Velcro pocket) stuffed on a bookself would draw too much notice

  14. PFM says:

    Best hiding spot I ever heard was behind a baseboard. Find an inconspicuous spot (under a desk, behind an easily movable table, etc.), just make sure it’s secured by using Velcro to hold it in place.

  15. elloo says:

    I hope only honest people are reading this post!

  16. Noel says:

    Seconding elloo 🙂

    Burglers are smarter than we really think they are. Few years ago, my cousin’s home was burglarized and as far as I could remember, they went through everything that is listed here, plus damaged her property considerably. Since then I learned a lesson, do not keep valuables at home that you can not afford to lose. I use lockers in the bank (don’t know if such thing is there in the US), plus I keep some valuables that I can afford to lose in easy sight, like old laptop or some cash, so that they can take it and go. Fixing damaged property is a lot of stress than letting them go with something.

    • elloo says:

      Yes, U.S. banks have safe deposit boxes in several sizes that can be rented annually. They are not insured against theft (ha!) or damage (flooding, fire, etc.) But, it’s better to store jewelry, silverware, cash, etc. there than at home.

  17. Interesting Post! I would steer clear of any water and the freezer is fast becoming an obvious spot (so I’m told!) Tape notes to bottom of printer paper drawer.

  18. Karen says:

    Just make sure you tell your significant other where you’ve hidden the dough. My luck, my husband would get a strange urge to wash clothes or throw out an old suitcase or something!

  19. elloo says:

    These are all great ideas, but thieves may have all day to thoroughly go through your home if you’re at work all day. And they will know your schedule…remember the classic phrase from old movies known as “casing the joint”? And if they are fans of Bargaineering, they now have even more ways to find your valuable stuff!

  20. Chelsea says:

    All these suggestions have done is make me think it’s not safe to keep anything valuable in my house. I’ll take my cash to the bank where it belongs. Luckily I only own one or two things that would cost over $100 to replace, and I usually carry them with me.

  21. The General says:

    In the dustbin. I have hidden a large sum of cash in a bag in the kitchen bin before. But don’t forget it’s there!

  22. San Torres says:

    Under the box of your tv

  23. 62 says:

    Bury it in a non-grassy spot in your backyard.

  24. Aaa says:

    Get a pringles can and put money at the bottom then put pringles over the cash and put in food cabinet.

  25. Bonsai says:

    Best way is to ensure the bastards don’t want to search the house in the first place. Anybody seen “the collector”? My house is also booby trapped, not quite as good as in movie but any intruders would certainly leave empty handed minus a few body parts. Just make sure any person with second key knows how to access house without being severely injured. Burglaries are on the rise, it’s time people fought back as the laws are pathetic, especially in this country.

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