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Best Place to Hide Money at Home

Posted By Jim On 02/13/2012 @ 7:10 am In Personal Finance | 33 Comments

We all need to have a little cash on hand. Maybe you need some cash but don’t want to head out to the ATM? Maybe a truck just stopped by and they have a great deal on speakers (OK, bad example, those speakers are probably stolen or not as advertised). Whatever your reason to keep cash at home [3], you have some cash on hand and you want to know where you should hide it so thieves, should they be so enterprising, don’t get their hands on it.

When picking where to hide it, remember one maxim – thieves don’t have a lot of time so they look in the most predictable of places. In your underwear drawer, under the mattress, in your desk, in a jewelry box, in your closet, and most notably, in a safe. So when picking a place to hide your cash, follow this one rule – make it look like something else. Camouflage is the best protection because, presumably, they don’t have all day to look.

Best Places to Hide Money At Home

  • In Your Freezer: Do you have any idea what is in your freezer? No, so what chance does a burglar have if you take your valuables, money or jewelry, wrap it in foil, put it in a zip lock bag, and stuff it in your freezer? They won’t know the difference between your frozen chicken breasts from you frozen wad of $20s.
  • Framed Pictures: This one is a classic and the stuff of legends, just hide it in the back of a framed picture between the picture and the frame. It’s where an enterprising adventurer hid the map to One Eyed Willy’s treasure.
  • Hollow Can of Soup: After you’ve enjoyed the soup, wash it out and use it as a container for your cash. Stick it back in the cupboard with the rest of your stacked cans and burglars stand little chance of finding it.
  • In Your Toilet: Get a secure zip lock bag (or two or three), put your stuff in it, and tape it to the lid of your toilet’s water tank. Burglars typically don’t search toilet water tanks in the hopes of finding treasure.
  • Pockets of Jackets: You may already do this without knowing it but why not hide money in the pocket of pants and jackets in your closet? If you have expensive clothes, that you think burglars might steal, this might be a bad idea.
  • Tucked Into Books: Much like the spreading out across jackets, you can stick bills inside the pages of books.
  • Coffee Cups: How many times do you use every coffee cup? Find the one you rarely use and roll up some bills to hide in there, it’ll usually be in the back and away from prying eyes.
  • Hollowed out Book: Jeff from Sustainable Life Blog [4] tweeted [5] this idea to me, which I hadn’t thought of. I like all my books so I think I’ll have to check out my library’s next used book sale for a nice thick book.
  • Lining of a Suitcase: Tweeter Beskeie [6] suggested the lining of a suitcase, which is certainly novel.
  • Feminine Hygeine Product Box: Kandace of Making it Bright [7] suggested the bottom of a feminine hygiene product box [8] in the bathroom, that’s another brilliant idea!
  • Your Kid’s Toys (Or Board Games):Digital nomad Alex [9] says he puts “all his money” in a Candyland box, which is probably good for hiding (it’s not much different than hollowing out a book, without hollowing out a book) but probably less good when you’re out shopping.
  • Fake Stained Underwear: Tweeter Meathook Jones [10] shared this gem [11], stained underwear is probably something a thief will actively avoid.

And with that final suggestion, I think we will end this list for fear of getting worse.

Now for the hardest part, remembering where you hid it!

(Photo: guldfisken [12])

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