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Hit After-Christmas Sales For Christmas Items

If you celebrate Christmas, today is a perfect day for you to take advantage of the huge after-Christmas markdowns that are certainly happening over at stores like Macy’s, JC Penney, and basically every other major store out there. Anything from decorations to ornaments will be heavily marked down as stores look to unload their excess inventory because the demand for Christmas items, surprise surprise, drops after Christmas actually happens.

Seasoned shoppers and bargain hunters probably already know this but this is a cycle that happens leading up to and after every single major decorating holiday. Anyone silly enough to buy seasonally linked decorations at full price will often see the price of those items fall significantly as the holiday approaches, usually in the last week you can see pretty big markdowns as stores recognize demand waning. Immediately afterwards, prices are slashed because no one is going to be putting up new decorations after the holidays so the demand is significantly lower (even procrastinators won’t be buying decorations they intend to use after the holidays passes!). Then the bargain hunters, such as ourselves, swoop in and buy up decorations for use next year.

What’s nice about Christmas (and Thanksgiving, and many of the other holidays) is that the decorations don’t change from year to year. While you may augment your collection, it’s not like this year’s hot new ornaments are going to be fashionably or functionally or conceptually different any other year’s ornaments. Santa looks the same every year, reindeer look the same, wreaths look the same, and colored string lights have looked the same for eons.

So, check out your local department stores for huge markdowns when you go to see their after Christmas sales!

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