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Your Take: Holiday Travel Plans This Year

I was reading that 40% of residents in the Washington D.C. area plan on traveling for the holidays, not surprising given the presence of the federal government, and 90% of the 2.3 million people in the area plan on leaving by car. AAA’s annual survey reported these results [3] earlier this week and given how many cars are in the area (the D.C. beltway is always a mess), It’s guaranteed to be some massive gridlock as people bolt.

We’re going to be staying put with family visiting us. We swap out travel time with cooking time but I think that’s a fair trade. I enjoy cooking more than I enjoy sitting in traffic or taking my shoes off at the airport so it’s all good here.

How do you plan on traveling? By car, train, boat, or airplane? And far will you be traveling? I’m curious who will be traveling the farthest or the most this year!

(Photo: Andreas [4])