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Home Buying Autopsy Introduction

For a month and a half, I blogged about my journey through the home buying process in painstaking detail [3]. For those of you who read along, you may have cringed at some of my decisions and bitten your tongue if you saw my mistakes. Some of you didn’t and for that I am extremely grateful because it helped me avoid some costly errors. But now, over a month after I’ve moved into the home, I will analyze my decisions outside the “heat of the battle” and write brief “autopsies” that may prove useful to those who still need to make the plunge.

On a personal level, this is important for me to admit my mistakes and to learn from them. From a completeness and correctness standpoint, it’s important to spotlight the mistakes because someone who knows as much as I did when I started may read something here they believe is the “correct” way – when it is in fact not the correct way.

As we do this, I invite all of you to write comments (anonymous comments are acceptable!) and I want you to be as nitpicky as possible and point out every last detail.