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Home Grown Vegetables Taste Better

When my wife and started out deck/patio garden, we did it for two reasons. First, we thought it would save us a little money on the vegetables we enjoy eating. That’s how we chose the vegetables that we did: tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and some spices. Second, we thought it would be fun and therapeutic to tend a garden from time to time. So far, it’s been pretty easy and it’s an enjoyable time.

What we didn’t anticipate was how absolutely delicious and authentic home grown vegetables are. Without a doubt, home grown vegetables taste better than vegetables bought from the grocery store. While the jury is still out as to whether it’s better financially (it probably will be), I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that our home grown tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants taste far better than the ones you buy from the store.

That monster of a tomato to the right looks just like our tomatoes. They’re called heirloom tomatoes [3] (we have regular beefsteaks and romas) but I don’t have any cut up tomatoes to show you guys so I chose that little monster. Our tomatoes, on the inside, look just as jacked up as that one! (but delicious!)

More Flavorful!

What’s funny is that I had never eaten a home grown green pepper before and had no idea they actually tasted peppery. I’ve alway had grocery store peppers, which are grown on huge farms with no love and little attention, and they basically tasted like water to me. Tomatoes at the were a little different, they tasted like tomatoes but they don’t taste anything like those we’ve grown ourselves.

Healthier Too!

Some experts are saying that organically grow tomatoes have more nutrients per pound than those grown with the help of fertilizers. I buy that, the fertilizers help the plant grow larger and faster but probably don’t do much for the chemical composition. As a result, you get a lower nutrient per pound ratio but probably the same nutrient per tomato. Anyway, based on the difference in flavor, I bet there’s some truth to what those experts say. You might pay more per pound but you’re probably getting more nutrients (and obviously less pesticides).

Everyone Is Doing It!

One of the surprising things I’ve learned since writing about gardening is the sheer number of people who do it. Very few of our friends garden outside of a couple pepper plants and some spices, we simply don’t live in an area that’s very conducive to gardening, but so many readers have left comments and suggestions and I’m very thankful for all the advice you’ve given us. If you’re on the fence about gardening, give it a try. It’s really easy and there are a ton of resources on the web and at your local library.

(Photo: lifeontheedge [4])