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Home Inspection Repair Requests

This is the first installment of the Home Buying Autopsy [3], which I introduced in this introductory post [4].

On the whole, the home inspection turned out great. The inspector was knowledgeable, the inspection was thorough, and the documents were professional, complete, and accurate. The problem was entirely on my end. I believe I was not picky enough in requesting repairs be completed. I also believe that I wasn’t as precise in my inspection (of cosmetic issues) as the home inspector. He looked for structural and physical problems; I should’ve looked harder at the cosmetic issues and perhaps requested more be repaired before closing (I was spending a ton of money!). In reading Shaun’s Real Estate Blog [5] and the requests he’s had for the property he’s bought, renovated, and sold (almost) recently – I believe there are a few things I should’ve requested (couldn’t have hurt), I simply didn’t because I thought it were a little extraordinary.

All the major repairs (roof and the reviewing stand) that I asked for were repair without complaint – I’m glad for that. I reviewed the roof work and it looks good, I hope not to have any roof problems for 5+ years as the contractor promised. What were some of the things I could’ve asked for (but probably wouldn’t have gotten)?

There are a few more trivial things and none of these are high dollar items, just inconveniences for me now. The moral of the story is: Always ask for a repair because it doesn’t hurt. They can always say no and you can always back out (though you probably wouldn’t back out for anything trivial).