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Your Take: Homemade Halloween Costumes Are Awesome, or Cheap?

There’s been a bit of a row over Target’s advertisement slamming homemade costumes [3] (video after the jump) and it’s no wonder – homemade halloween costumes are awesome. In fact, the homemade Iron Man costume in the advertisement is pretty good relative to some of the things I’ve been able make. Check out the sweet cardboard helmet, light-up chest and flashlight hands… I mean it looks pretty darn good. A lot better than a cheesy plastic thing made in China for $2 (and sold for $25) that doesn’t even light up.

More importantly, why make fun of parents who are trying to do the right thing? Making a costume is a lot more fun and resourceful than buying a piece of junk plastic costume. The fun is in the whole experience, not just running around collecting candy. Also, the costume is unique. A million other kids will be running around with that unimaginative costume, only one kid will be wearing that costume.

What do you think? Are homemade costumes da bomb or just cheap?