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Homemade Pork & Shrimp Dumplings

Dumplings are the bomb.

My sister sent me this article by Nicole Routhier in Cook’s Illustrated titled “How to Make Asian Dumplings,” [3] [PDF] which offers up a good discussion of basic cooking methods, filling recipes, dipping sauce recipes, and wrapper recipes and wrapping technique. It’s really a great tutorial on Asian dumplings and it’s very easy to understand (with great illustrations).

The recipe we really like in the article is for the Sesame Beef and Cabbage Filling. We’ve taken the base recipe Routhier provided and put in a few changes that we really like. For example, we’ve swapped out the beef for pork and pork & shrimp (our favorite). We also have future plans to modify it so that we will use scallops and shrimp, to make it all seafood.

Here are our tips based off our experience making dumplings:

The photo above isn’t of our dumplings, but they look very similar, because I can’t find my camera’s battery charger. On a recent flight, my luggage was torn and a side pocket’s contents were lost… hopefully my charger wasn’t in there (we thought it was a bag of toiletries).

(Photo: joygant [6])