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Hot Personal Finance Reads

JLP just posted his How To… Roundup of Personal Finance [3] which lists all the yummy how-to goodness that exists in the pfblogosphere. He plans on updating it frequently so check it out from time to time, I also am willing to bet that if you want to see a how-to on something, let him know and maybe someone already has written it (but didn’t know it yet).

Nickel brings his A-game this week with a how-to road map if you’re planning on moving [4].

Flexo updates us on his refundable deposit headaches dealing with Inland Retail Property Management [5]… I’m glad I’m out of the renting game (and the moving game), dealing with those types of headaches are truly a drain on your mental strength.

FMF writes about how evil and exotic mortgage loans are falling out of favor [6] with the glut in supply. On one hand I think it’s good that people aren’t getting into homes they can’t realistically afford, without the exotic option ARM interest only whatevers, but as a homeowner I do want to see home prices continue to rise. 🙂 Actually in all honesty, I prefer things to cool down because people’s lives can be ruined by poor financial decisions and while a couple extra percent of unrealized short term gain is meaningless to me, foreclosure is very real to someone else and you never want that.

MBH’s Carnival of Debt Reduction has joined the party and inherited its own domain [7]!