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Hotels Should Offer Internet Access For Free

I’m staying in the Sheraton Premier for the next four days attending training from my company and I find it absolutely mind boggling that the Sheraton Premier charges $9.95 per day for internet access. Ten dollars for internet access, that’s quite a racket! Of course, most business hotel guests will be expensing this additional $10 to their company but I find it strange that the Sheraton, and many other hotels, don’t just roll the price into the cost of the room, which is likely to be high anyway, and just offer it as a complimentary service. I’ve stayed at dive hotels that have offered free wireless access because it’s a bit of a fake perk.

If a hotel doesn’t offer free wired or wireless access in the rooms, at the very least offer a terminal or two in the lobby or business center so people can just pop in and check their email (insecurely I might add) and not pop them for a few extra bucks. I found the business center here at the Sheraton and it’s an astonishing $2.49 connection charge plus 59 cents a minute!